Key Personalities

CEO & Founder

Paul Muir

Paul Muir served in the British Army Parachute Regiment (2nd Battalion) from 1999-2005 conducting operational tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Balkans and Northern Ireland. Upon leaving the Army Paul entered the private security industry conducting PSD and close protection duties in Iraq, Afghanistan and London in support to the Ambassador of the European Commission, the Department of Defence and Sultan of Oman, to name just a few.  Paul then conducted 2 years as a Maritime Security Officer for a number of PMSC’s within the IRTC, Red Sea, Arabian gulf and Indian Ocean.


Paul founded Horizon in 2012 and has been in the role as Managing Director since this time.


Managing Director

John McVey

John has over 33 years operational and strategic experience in security and crisis response. During his 23 years, military service, John served with the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit (CPU) as a Close Protection leader and trainer.  John was attached to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office on several worldwide assignments as the senior protection officer to Her Majesty’s Ambassadors deployed in hostile environments. One of his most prestigious operational roles was as the team leader to Lord Paddy Ashdown during his tender in Bosnia.


On leaving the British Army John extended his experience in the commercial security industry taking up deputy country manager and project manager roles throughout the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa for companies such as Control Risks, BP and Black and Veatch.  John continued to carry out training roles and with his extensive knowledge of the security industry he has also developed his skills into a security consulting role.


A keen outdoor enthusiast with a passion for skiing.


Operations Manager

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell served in the British Army Adjutant General’s Corps (SPS) Branch.  During his time in the military Chris was attached to various Regiments and Corps in a variety of different clerical roles, both in the UK and overseas.  Upon leaving the Army Chris began a career within the health and social care sector, latterly working as a Service Manager accountable for the operational delivery of services for one of the UK’s largest third sector organisations.  Chris joined Horizon in 2015 and with his meticulous approach and innovative attitude has developed and implemented effective quality management systems that enforce the required standards of safety, legality, quality, compliance and accreditation.


Security Consultant

Neil Davis QCVS

Neil is a former Warrant Officer in the British Army, serving for 24 years, leaving in 2006. His last 5 years was as an Advanced Agent Handler with JSG(NI) where he successfully recruited and ran covert HUMINT Sources from within terrorist organisations in various countries around the world and for which he was awarded a QCVS in the 2006 Honours List. Since leaving the military, Neil has been employed in both an Intelligence Collection and Close Protection capacity. He has a wealth of both Hostile and Executive Close Protection experience and was the Personal Protection Officer for the EU Ambassador to Sri Lanka as well as providing covert Close Protection for a UK Intelligence Collection organization in Afghanistan. He has many years of Instructional experience, was an Infantry Tactics Instructor at ITC Wales (Brecon) and has instructed Close Protection to foreign Police Forces as well as having recently returned from Afghanistan where he advised, trained and mentored the Afghan Intelligence Services. Neil joined the Horizon Team in June 2015.


Security Consultant

Lee Sansum

Lee currently advises High Net Worth Clients on matters of personal security and manages Emergency Response procedures and Travel Security Awareness programs for the Oil and Gas Industry.


Lee served 10 years with the Royal Military Police in various roles including surveillance, Witness Close Protection and covert operations. He brings a great depth of experience in Security training and Close Protection both in the UK and overseas.


Lee has designed and delivered Close Protection and associated security courses in the UK, Nigeria, Somalia and Libya and as a senior instructor with the World Combat Association delivers Close Combat training worldwide.


He has provided Close Protection at operational and managerial level to International business individuals, A-list celebrities, sports stars, government officials and Royalty. Lee also has Hostile Close Protection operational experience with the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria and Somalia and with Her Majesty’s Ambassador, the Stabilisation Unit, Carter Center Election Observation Team and the European Border Agency Mission in Libya and has been instrumental in the planning and operational evacuation of two organisation’s in extreme hostile conditions from Somalia and Libya.


Some of Lee’s past clients include Princess Diana, Princes William and Harry, Mr Alex Salmond, Jean Claude Van Damme, Mr Mohammed Al Fayed and the Scotland Rugby Team to name a few.


Security Consultant

Colin Maclachlan

Colin spent 17 years in the British Army, the first half with 1 Royal Scots and the latter half with UK Special Forces (22 SAS). During that time Colin was involved in several high-profile operations and has seen operational tours in Northern Ireland, Balkans, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan. Colin has been employed within the security sector for the last 13 years and has been a bodyguard for the UK Government, Saudi Royal Family, National News Organisations and several A List Celebrities. Colin has also been involved in a consultancy and training role for projects throughout the Middle East. Colin has authored books on terrorism and leadership and is frequently in the TV and media on various subjects. He holds an MA (Hons) First Class Degree in History and an M.Litt. in Terrorism. He is one of a handful of people who have been involved in hostage negotiation, hostage rescue and been a hostage themselves. Currently Colin works with Horizon as a Surveillance and Close Protection Instructor but is also a qualified medic.


Security Consultant

Rab McEwan

Rab spent 20 years in the Scottish Infantry serving around the world including various operational deployments to Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia before finishing his career as the Chief Instructor at the Tri Service Defence SERE Training Organisation (DSTO) delivering resistance to interrogation and survival training around the world to multinational students, all pilots, aircrew and the UKSF community as part of their selection process.


Rab entered the security industry in 2013 and since then has had a variety of jobs including PSD TL, Site Security Manager, Country Operations Manager for large Oil & Gas company in Tripoli Libya and more recently as Country Training Manager for a Private Security Company in Southern Iraq.


Rab has worked for Horizon since 2013 delivering SERE and CP training.


Security Consultant

Jamie Painter

Jamie Painter served with the Royal Marines in a variety of operational roles that included close protection and surveillance, before leaving to embark on a career in the private security sector in 2002.


Since that time, he has been working at the pinnacle of the security industry as a security consultant, specialist instructor and close protection team leader with responsibility for the safety of royalty, heads of state, high profile celebrities and business executives, including six years as the personal protection officer for a high-ranking member of the Saudi Royal Family.


During his career Jamie has operated in over thirty countries, across five continents, many of which were post conflict or austere environments, including Libya, Colombia and Venezuela. Jamie has also led covert surveillance operations across Europe and Asia and undertaken maritime anti-piracy duties in the Gulf of Aden.


Following several years as the lead instructor for some of the UK’s foremost security training companies, Jamie founded Galahad Associates with the aim of raising the standard of Close Protection training and he has designed and delivered courses globally for a range of government and private organisations.


Security Consultant

Steve Lambert (Tab)

Steve has 32 years of military and security industry experience with various teeth-arm units and organisations including a training team member with 4/73 (Sphinx) Special OP Bty, R.A. He then spent 7-years in Baghdad, as a Close Protection Team Leader, Security Advisor and Training Manager, where he provided Close Protection for 3 successive US Army Commanding Generals responsible for the Iraq reconstruction effort. Upon promotion, Steve had oversight of training for all Close Protection Operatives and was the Tactical Advisor to Senior Military Commanders and Project Directorate on the largest security contract in Iraq.


Steve then founded a training academy, specialising in training former servicemen as Hostile Environment CPOs. The 5-week Level 4 Hostile Environment CP course that he wrote, designed and delivered being recognised as one of the top-ten courses of its kind in the world by the respected Close Protection Domain. He also wrote the technical response and training material of a successful joint tender to deliver the current pre-deployment security awareness training to the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office and their associated HM Government departments. Steve currently combines his role as a Project Security Manager in Libya, with Threat Replication tasks, Executive CP for long-term clients and delivering Close Protection training in the UK and overseas.


Driving Instructor

Keith Hale

Keith Hale brings almost 35 years driving experience of which the last 25 years have been at the highest level of driving experience, having served in Scotland’s Strathclyde Police (Now Police Scotland) Road Traffic Department and post retirement in a demanding position in the Scottish Government.  Keith’s training and expertise include full Level 1 Security Escort Driving qualification, Police Traffic Department Advanced driver, Armoured car driving, Gold Level ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Advanced Driver, former IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) Driving Assessor, 4×4 driving trained, ECO awareness driver experienced.


During Keith’s time in Strathclyde Police he attended many serious and fatal road traffic collisions whilst travelling safely in the highest specification vehicles at very high speeds in “blue light” situations.


Keith thereafter was employed by the Scottish Government for over 10 years in the capacity as a security escort ministerial driver and had the honour of driving the now First Minister of Scotland; Ms Nicola Sturgeon daily for over 8 years, allied to the transportation of other Scottish Office ministers including former First Ministers Mr Alex Salmond and Mr Jack McConnell plus driving other high-ranking UK and external governmental ministers of the VERY highest order in security convoys.


Keith is also a fully accredited and registered Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) UAV (drone) pilot which can be utilised to provide surveillance assistance and other Corporate uses.


Keith continues to update his skills and training experience on an ongoing basis and offers specialist Transport and Logistics advice to companies wishing to utilise his extensive Transport and Security experience.


Medical Director

Christopher Morris MCPara

Christopher Morris is a registered Paramedic with the UK Health Care Professional Council and an associate lecturer in Paramedic Science at the Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge and Chelmsford.


He is a member of the National Crime Agency Special Operations medical faculty as a subject matter expert.


Chris has extensive experience in medical support for hostile close protection operations worldwide on behalf of diplomatic missions and high net worth individuals.


He was instrumental in setting up Medical Emergency Response Teams (MERT) in Afghanistan in support of UN operations during the countries inaugural elections. On many occasions leading high risk medical/casualty evacuations for injured UN personnel.


Chris has also trained and managed medical evacuation teams in countries such as:


Democratic Republic of Congo


His skills are kept current with regular front line NHS paramedic work and specialist medical training for NHS/military and private clients.


Remote Medicine Lead Instructor

Aebhric O’Kelly, FAWM, DipPara, Critical Care Paramedic

With a background in Special Forces medicine, Aebhric brings to Europe a unique approach to Wilderness and Operational Medicine. After serving as a police officer, Aebhric spent ten years in the US Army where he trained in austere medicine as a Green Beret. Since he left the army his academic work in Medicine and Wilderness Psychology culminated in a Master’s degree. He is Senior Faculty for the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine.


Aebhric spent 3 years on the faculty for the Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support (BATLS) course run by the British Military and is a member of the Wilderness Medical Society and a level 5 member of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. He earned his Diploma of Paramedic Science and the Fellowship of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, he currently serves on the FAWM curriculum committee for WMS and is a board certified Tactical Paramedic and Critical Care Paramedic.


Critical Care Paramedic Lead Instructor

Mark Glover

Mark started his working life serving in HM Forces from 1987, serving overseas deployed on operational tours across the Middle East and Africa. He left in 1995 to pursue a civilian career and made the successful transition into the Engineering Industry.


In 2003 Mark decided on a complete career change and joined an NHS Ambulance Service in the East of England. In 2007, he successfully qualified and registered as a Paramedic.


Over the next few years’ Mark split his time between working on a consultancy basis providing close protection and medical expertise to several clients in often remote and hostile locations, such as, Iraq, Afghanistan, Niger, Libya, and working within the NHS system in the UK. In 2012 Mark achieved a long-held ambition, spending 3 years on a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service in a Critical Care Paramedic role.


2015 saw Mark arrive in Malta setting up a Corporate Emergency Medical Assistance division supporting clients in Libya and successfully implemented the Offshore Medical Services for Op Triton & the EU Frontex migrant rescue; on behalf of the UK Government.


Mark holds a degree in Emergency Medical Care, is a qualified HSE Offshore Medic and former Instructor with UK Defence Medical Services.


Medical Manager

Tom Johnston BEM

Tom Johnston BEM served 12 years in the infantry followed by 5 and a half years in the Royal Army Medical corps. Tom served 3 tours in Northern Ireland and also served in the 1st Gulf Conflict. He was also the lead medic during the Lockerbie disaster, duties included, running the make shift morgue assisting the police with identifying casualties and being present during autopsy’s. Tom is an RMA 1, CMT 1 and Battlefield Advanced Trauma and Life Support trained. Upon leaving the Army Tom worked with St Andrews Ambulance Association as a lead trainer. He was also a lead train the trainer up to SVQ level. Tom joined Horizon in 2013 as a MIRA and FPOS I trainer and has run courses in the UK, Ukraine and Georgia. At present Tom is the Middle East Medical Manager stationed in Basra Iraq. He is responsible for all medical training and has taught students from Aegis, CRG, Erinys and Gulf Shield. These students are the first Iraqi nationals to hold an Edexcel qualification. Tom is also a qualified CP operative.


Krav Maga Instructor

Joel Bennett

Joel Bennett is a Senior Instructor within an International Krav Maga Organisation and an active Close Protection Operative. Joel currently runs numerous martial arts club and provides high level security for private clients across the UK. He has worked with civilians, police officers, the military (including international Special Forces) and members of the security industry in various capacities as both a trainer and in an operational capacity. Joel’s knowledge in both the traditional Ju-Jitsu and Krav Maga brings a hybrid style of combatives that is highly effective, relevant and simple to learn.  As an active Close Protection Operative with extensive operational experience (including high threat and government level contracts) and as an advanced unarmed combat instructor, Joel uses his experience along with a solid martial arts background to teach a unique syllabus of techniques aimed for third party protection and military/law enforcement application.


Maritime Security Advisor

David Dickson

David Dickson is a former Royal Marines Commando where he started his career in 1991.  Since leaving the Marines David has been working within the high-risk hostile security environment worldwide. From 2007 to date David has been working within the maritime security industry specialising within the super yacht field. This strong background in Maritime Security Operations allowed him to help shape the nature of military counter-piracy operations in international high-risk areas prone to piracy attacks. To date David has completed in excess of over 150 Transits onboard over 30 different Superyachts without any loss to clients’ assets, carrying out numerous multiple Transits on most Yachts.


Aviation Director

Lance Black

Lance started his career in the British Army where he served for 8 years of which included two Op Telic tours.  Lance left the Army to pursue a career in the private security sector and thus spent the next 8 years working in almost all the other private security sectors of including Maritime Security, Close Protection and Aviation Security industries. Lance started form the bottom and would eventually hold senior positions in Close Protection, Aviation Security and intelligence roles.  He most recently worked in Africa where he helped to start up an new Airline called Air Djibouti as the Head of Security and Intelligence, one of the many roles he was required to do whilst in this position was to liaise with National Police of Djibouti and Somalia to ensure safe and secure flights in and out of Mogadishu.


Aviation Commercial Director

Ian Patrick

Ian is an Aviation Industry professional with over 25 years’ experience.  Ian would eventually hold senior positions such as Commercial Director and Chief Executive Officer, with 4 successful start-up airlines including Jet Airways. Ian most recently focused on Aviation in Africa and helped to start up Air Djibouti, Ian also helped with the improvement of infrastructure, safety and security in Djibouti.


Special Projects Director

Stephen Finlayson SAC Dip, NRCQ Dip


Stephen’s early career in the British Army saw him serve 23 years within The Parachute Regiment, followed by 14 years across the Middle East and Asia, covering a multitude of high profile projects.


Stephen is a versatile senior subject-matter expert and client advisor, encompassing the full spectrum of Security Risk Management.


As the company Special Projects Director, under which he is responsible for the global delivery of the company’s full range of risk management services.


Primarily focusing on, identifying, manages, mitigates and monitors risks, threats and vulnerabilities associated with organisational and personal activities.  Specifically, this involves leading projects associated with UHNWI security services and to have a one-stop shop for UHNWI.  It also entails providing expert support to major investigations, comprehensive audits of security operations, and independent assessments of all aspects of physical security.


Stephen brings a problem-solving perspective refined by his expertise in several distinct areas. These include; expert understanding of information sharing and intelligence driven technologies and associated national guidelines and standards; Practical, hands-on experience in its application to complex challenges; and a strong track record of leadership in aligning projects with the organisation’s mission, business and core operations.

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