Weapons Competency

Duration: 1 day

From: £300 (+VAT)


Our instructors are fully focused on your individual training requirement; supplementing the development of your firearms handling skills with advice and guidance available from a depth of knowledge and operational experience, that is second to none.


This course is only open to Close Protection Operatives and Maritime Security Operators with an up to date licence who wish to improve and demonstrate firearms competency, shooting and firearm handling skills including field stripping and firearm maintenance, we will fulfil and surpass all of your Firearms Training needs.


During the Weapons Competency course you will quickly gain confidence, experience, skill and accuracy whilst being closely supervised, frequently on a one to one basis, by former experienced Firearms Instructors.


We are extremely proud of our 100% safety record, and rigorously maintain our standards to ensure that your experience with us is safe and achieves your personal objective.


For Maritime Security Operators

Our Weapons Competency course covers the requirements as set out by ISO 28007.  It has been designed for those looking to maintain compliance or gain employment within the Maritime Security industry.

During the weapons proficiency our experienced instructors will take you through:


  • Rules of Engagement / Rules of Use of Force
  • Marksmanship Principles
  • Safe handling
  • NSP’S – Load, Unload & Make-safe
  • Stoppage Drills
  • Immediate action drills
  • Accurate target engagement
  • Target acquisition
  • Personnel equipment
  • Rifle familiarisation including stripping and assembly

Students are assessed on conducting weapon safety and marksmanship principles.

This course is open to experienced firearms handlers, such as close protection operatives and maritime security officers. If you do not continually fire and practice weapon drills, your skill set does fade and your reaction times will become longer in alleviating problems and so we have designed this course to keep your skills up and fresh.


The instructor will quickly assess your current level of competency and will work with you to improve your knowledge, safety and competency, to obtain your skill set and accuracy to the highest standard achievable.


Course Documentation (Required before attending the course)


  • Criminal Record Background Check / Disclosure (less than 12 months old)
  • Military Testimonial / Service Certificate / Police Service certificate / Military ID Card
  • Copy of Passport / Drivers Licence / Official Government ID
  • Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement etc) less than 3 months old
  • Certificate of Mental health (If student is not still servicing in HM Forces)

Students who successfully complete this course will be issued with a Weapons Competency certificate deeming the student proficient in the weapons and drills mentioned.

If you require more information about this course please email us on [email protected] or call us on 0800 689 1199.

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