Major Incident Medical Management (MIMMS)

Duration: 3 days

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The Major Incident Medical Management & Support (MIMMS) course is regulated and approved by the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) and offers you the knowledge and systematic approach to manage a major incident. It is an introduction to the bronze, silver and gold level of the command structure.


The course develops your understanding of managing a major incident and how to interact with other emergency services. It offers the opportunity to look at how the emergency services manage an incident and the specific roles of each practitioner to achieve greater understanding. In addition, it identifies the requirements and needs of a medical commander at the scene.


It is suitable for anyone with a role in a major incident response, for example ambulance staff, nurses, medical centre staff, off-shore companies, medics in hazardous environments, private security and military personnel, health & safety advisors, petro-chemical managers and BASICs responders.

The MIMMS course content includes an online learning element (VLE) which is completed before attending the course.


  • Introduction to major incidents
  • The role of health and emergency services
  • Planning and preparation for major incidents
  • Communications
  • Personal protective and medical equipment
  • Radio procedures
  • Command and control at an incident
  • Command and control tabletop exercise
  • Triage
  • Medical support tabletop exercise
  • Patient treatment
  • Transport and packaging
  • Triage tabletop exercise
  • Assessments (triage, radio procedures, moulage)
  • Local application of MIMMS
  • Major incident debriefing (workshop)
  • Introduction to incident command
  • Structured use of MIPS
  • Practical exercises without casualties (PEWC)

Our training course includes lectures, group tabletop exercises and practical sessions. The last day of the course involves a practical scenario and an opportunity to put your training into practice.

Students need to be from a medical background (e.g. paramedic, doctor etc…). There is an online assessment to complete via the ALSG website prior to commencing this course

After successful completion of a multi-choice question paper, triage, radio procedure and moulage exercises, students will receive a certificate issued by Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) which is valid for 4 years.

If you require more information about this course please email us on [email protected] or call us on 0800 689 1199.

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